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Ophthalmology Referral Directory - Map

Eye & Health Care Professionals: The four Referral Directories are yet more resources included on this website to support patient care by Eye Care & Health Care Professionals. It is an obligation outlined by professional bodies that patients who need further care beyond the immediate scope of a practitioner or need specialist treatment are referred onwards. The Directories are designed to help in this duty of care. If you are a practice/clinic offering specialist services and would like further information on how to be included in any of the Directories please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Patients: Patients sometimes want to access specialist services not readily available from their current Eye Care practice/clinic, these three Directories may well help. If you are seeking these services and can identify a specialist provider in a Directory, you can ask your current practice/clinic to refer you, this enables your current provider and specialist to work as a team for your benefit. However you can also consider contacting the specialist provider directly, without a formal referral, all will welcome an initial discussion with you before arranging an appointment.

Ophthalmology Referral Directory - Post Town List